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12 Ways to Make Money Online, plus a few bonus methods

There should be in-depth posts on each of these methods soon - keep checking back.

Create Your Own Online Course

Side note:

Some writers will put this last or not at all, but I’m the first to rank this first on my list to prepare your psyche, to prepare your inner self, your inner lion, that is challenging you right now that you can do this. You’re here for a reason. But, you may ask yourself “Why would anyone pay me to teach them anything?” Well, you are probably are about to embark on one or more of the following ideas below to start making money online and maybe it will be the most important decision you’ve ever made – so get ready, you’re about to know more about a subject than most. Don’t keep that to yourself – learn it and share it. As you do both, you will become a master.

Let's go!

So one idea to make money online is to use the knowledge you’re about to learn for your very own online virtual course. Knowing that you intend on developing a course keep a detailed journal (or blog, more on that later) of all the steps and missteps of your journey. After you feel comfortable with your online business, you can organize your blog into segments, or sections – and this is the start of your course organization - written or video or both.

Believe it or not, one of the most effective ways to make money online is to share your expertise via a course. Your expertise is realitive - meaning you may be an expert to some and at the some time be a novice to those more experienced. The point is there will always be people that are trying to learn what you just learned. You can monetize your "expertise" by creating online courses on your specific topic. You can sell your course on Udemy or on your own website if you already have an online following. With online classes, some entrepreneurs can earn up to $6,000 per month.

You can take your course to the next level and make videos by just using your iPhone or laptop (see the YouTube section below). There are easy ways to record what you see on your screen. There are easy video editors – all free. Sure the first one will have a steep learning curve – but it will be snap after that. Keep your videos at about 10 minutes or less. Check out what other YouTubers are doing in your “space” (your niche) and emulate the popular ones or the ones that you think best convey your message.

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We touched on this above – blogging!

A blog used to be a personal web log or journal where people could share information or their thoughts on a variety of topics. The data was organized in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post appearing first.

On the fly Blog tutorial - "History of the word Blog” - Justin Hall, a Swarthmore College student, is credited with creating the first blog named, way back in 1994. However, it wasn't called a “blog” at the time, simply put it was a personal homepage – an online diary. Jorn Barger, a Robot Wisdom writer, invented the word "weblog" in 1997 to describe his method of "logging the internet" when surfing the internet. In 1999, programmer Peter Merholz shortened the word "weblog" to "blog."

Blogging is one of the most well-known ways to earn money online. People who enjoy writing start blogs with a specific niche in mind. A blog with a niche about health, beauty, yoga, meditation, motorcycles, bicycles, mountain bikes, hiking, running, training, etc., etc. (Psst, you are reading a blog article right now. It's a rather long blog article, but it is a blog). A good blog niche has a narrow enough focus to create a loyal following but is broad enough to cover a lot of ground. There are billions of people in the world with billions of interests – your content will be found.

Focus on very specific keywords with a tight focus when you first start your article on your blog – this is called a post or article. Create specific post within the blog niche a couple of times a week. Keep it short – 500-1000 words. Split a longer topic into two or three blog posts. As you develop and conquer new spaces, broaden into other yet related categories. This will enable you to gradually create a large blog. Keep in mind that architecture plays an important role in making a positive first impression on tourists. Also know that blog articles can be posted on social media as stand-alone informational articles.

Wait, we were talking about making money online and you’re talking about writing a diary? Nah, hold on, read this. Blogging can be used to earn money in a multitude of ways. You can include affiliate links in your posts (but make sure to include a disclaimer). You can insert links to your own Shopify store. You can link to your own eBooks on Amazon KDP. You can link to your Print on Demand products. You can make money with AdSense by strategically positioning ads on your website. Sponsored posts are a common way for review bloggers to make money from specific brands. Bloggers can sell both digital and physical goods on their blogs. You can also use it to establish authority so that you can land speaking engagements, television deals, or large client contracts.

Wow. And think you can do all of that with a laptop and an internet connection. Starbucks anyone?? Meet ya there.

Where to turn to learn?


Blog Mastery Course

Print on Demand

Print-on-demand has become increasingly common. To help monetize their work, graphic designers are turning to the Print on Demand (POD) model to sell their designs on clothing and other items. They can create a clear and proven brand for their company with their unique designs. But that’s not all – don’t fret if you’re not a graphic designer. Many people are using POD to make simple T-shirt designs and coffee mugs with text phrases – “Coffee Boss” “World’s Best ______” “I love my Dog” and of course "AmazaCool is for Nerds". Prepare ahead of holidays and specific times of the year. Don’t sell beach T-shirts during the Fall. Fall is ripe for pumpkin spice, not beach sand.

There are websites that you can use to make mock ups of your product with real models – for free. Think about this for a minute. To get in this biz, you don't have to buy materials, print, store, ship, invoice, and you’re not hiring models for your ad shoots!

Marketing? Do you have an Instagram Fam? Post your model shots there. Post them on Twitter, FB, Gab, Pinterest, etc. What about Etsy – everyone likes Etsy. Etsy has recently opened their channel to POD since while they aren’t technically hand-made, they are designed uniquely by individuals.

Where to turn to learn – check it out here. Redbubble, Teespring and Amazon Merch and the free model shot website

Amazon KDP

I’m putting this section on KDP right here after POD for a reason… KDP stands for Kindle Digital Publishing, which is a specific form of Print on Demand. You write and upload content to KDP. Your content can then be sold via KDP as an eBook (digital), or physical books can be printed by KDP and shipped to your clients.

You can self-publish eBooks and paperbacks for free using KDP. KDP provides you with direct access to your book on Amazon as well as the ability to create a product description page for it. It also allows you to make your book available to a global audience, making it more accessible to readers all over the world. You get full rights to your book when you publish with KDP, which isn't something you get with traditional publishing.

Where to turn to learn – check it out here.


This one of the most common online money-making methods. Dropshipping's popularity is increasing more and more, demonstrating its viability as a means of making money online - this all according to Google Trends. There's plenty of evidence that dropshipping is a resounding success, with stories like one entrepreneur who made $8,645 in 10 weeks or an online shop owner who made over six figures selling only one product.

If you're unfamiliar with dropshipping, it's a business model in which you sell a product to a client, but the supplier (not you) receives the order, bundles, and ships it on your behalf.

Is dropshipping the safest way to make money online? Most business owners have concentrated on a few marketing strategies: running Facebook ads, making influencers advertise the goods, and sending Direct Messages (DMs) to potential buyers on social media. You can test the waters with one or two products, see if they sell. If they do, scale up your store with more products that are similar to your popular product - expand on the niche. If it’s a proven niche you are comfortable with, stock the “shelves” and go for it.

Where to turn to learn – check it out here. Adrian Morrison

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most common ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. Its popularity has risen and fallen over the years, but it continues to be a reliable way to earn money online. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can work with almost any organization: Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, etc., etc. as an affiliate. Go to your favorite online retailer and scroll down to the bottom of the site – I'll bet you there’s a clickable link to their affiliate page – and voila.

Affiliate marketing helps you to make money by advertising other people's products. You can receive a commission from sales by marketing retail goods, software, games, and more as a marketer. Although a small commission can seem insignificant, remember that you may be an affiliate for multiple brands and provide multiple affiliate links in a single blog post or Shopify store.

If you really want to make money from affiliate marketing online, you can concentrate on content marketing. By creating a blog with many pages of high-quality content, you've effectively created an asset that you can claim.

The best thing about concentrating on content marketing is that if an affiliate program closes, you can move your affiliate connection to a rival without losing money from your side hustle.

Where to turn to learn – check it out here:

Partner with Anthony





You knew it was coming! Start your own YouTube channel!

To create a large, loyal audience, your YouTube channel should concentrate on a single niche. You might, for example, make makeup tutorials, stream video games, review items, teach skills, make prank videos, or something else you think would be of interest to an audience.

The key to making money on YouTube is to produce content that people want to watch, whether it's educational or entertaining. To entice viewers to watch, you can use a clever headline or keywords that are designed for YouTube search. You will officially monetize your channel with YouTube advertising once you've hit the 1,000-subscriber mark.

Where to turn to learn – check it out here. TubeMastery, Miles, Seach YouTube

Side Gigs

This usually means selling your creative services (working a side gig) online via Fiverr, Upworks, or Flexjobs. What/where/who are these you may ask? Well these popular online marketplaces are for micro-jobs, jobs you receive for doing small tasks of a bigger project for someone else. Say a certain someone else is creating a blog, online shop, and a YouTube channel that will work together to convey a certain message or sell a product. Let’s say that this certain someone loves making YouTube videos and is also quite adept at blogging, but absolutely does not like the idea of setting up an online shop. This certain someone can visit Upworks and find several qualified people with resumes that absolutely love creating online stores, like you perhaps. And Voila. I love it when a plan comes together.

Fiverr focuses on short-term gigs with very fast turnaround times, usually within 48-72 hours. Fiverr gigs are typically smaller, such as a single blog post or picture, rather than a month's worth of content or all the photos a client requires. The smaller scale of the gig makes for a quicker turnaround and the easy testing of a working partnership.

Where to turn to learn – Fiverr is the biggest and most well known gig website. Click Fiverr.

Also try Upworks and Flexjobs.


Parli italiano? Spreek je Nederlands? 你會說廣東話嗎 ?

Do you speak Italian? Do you speak Dutch? Do you speak Mandarin?

Do you speak other languages then your own? If yes, wow! And you desperately needed by many out there. Translation jobs are relatively underserved niche, if you need money right now. To do this well, you'll need to be fluent in at least two languages. If you're bilingual or majored in a common language in school, this might be a lucrative business opportunity for you.

A translation test would be needed by the majority of businesses. Remember that you must be fluent in the languages for which you are applying to be a translator. As a result, you are unable to use translation software.

Remember those side gigs we were discussing; here they are again. Make Money Online (MMO):


Being an online mentor will help you earn a lot of money while also allowing you to set your own hours. Grow your clientele through word of mouth, exposure, etc. Although science and math tutoring positions are frequently in high demand, English is also common among international audiences.

Tutoring might be the right platform for you to make money quickly if you're an expert on a topic.

Virtual Assistant

Wait. What? Virtual Assistant? Yes, or a VA as some call it. A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

Many of the skills required for working as a virtual assistant are similar to those required for working as an administrative assistant or secretary. Superior management skills: VAs must be well-organized in order to keep track of many client tasks. VAs must be able to communicate effectively via email and phone since they operate remotely.

With so many people starting companies, the market for virtual assistants is growing on a daily basis. As a virtual assistant, you'll be responsible for a wide range of activities. As a virtual assistant, you could be expected to do things like writing, order management, bookkeeping, social media, and customer service.

On websites like Virtual Assistant Jobs, Indeed, or Upwork, you can make money online. Many virtual assistants have found ways to earn money online by contacting brands and entrepreneurs and asking if they would be interested in hiring one.

You'll be more likely to make money quickly if you use a mix of work posting software and outreach. To help you find new customers, maintain an active social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn. (LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a social network for professionals to connect, share, and learn. It's like Facebook for your career.)

Where to turn to learn - and find gigs - Fiverr.


Well, we’re about to scratch somebody right where they itch. I know several that love photography and they are really good at it, but they aren’t trying to make money doing it... yet. Let’s look inside a little further…

You can make money from your images in a variety of ways – you don’t have to be great either - whether you're a talented photographer or just enjoy taking great pictures. Posting your photography services in local Facebook groups for your friends will help you make money quickly.

Burst is a good place to start if you want to get more publicity. Foap, on the other hand, will help you easily monetize your phone photography. Find out more product photography advice to help you start making money with your camera.

Bonus – Make Reviews about new webites, software, apps, etc.

If you're interested in user experience, User Testing pays reviewers $10 to provide reviews on other entrepreneurs' websites and applications. That is one of the quickest ways to earn money online. When you browse through their website, you'll be given a collection of questions to answer.

While navigating the entrepreneur's website or app, you'll communicate your ideas and feedback to them through video. Since your video is only 20 minutes long, you'll make $30 if you make three videos every hour.

Since it can be very competitive, you must act quickly when a new website or app is added for review. Technology Judge is a tool for those who want to make money online by analyzing software.

Bonus – Take Surveys

Yes, there are ways to make a little money taking surveys. Websites like and will allow you to earn points just for taking surveys.

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